USYF State Level Coaching course June 28th 2024 - Owensboro, KY


Required  Price: $400.00
Description: 2pm to 8pm on 3/24 -Need Level I and and Level II as prerequisites
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I understand that I can cancel the registration before June 1st 2024 and receive a refund minus a $45 administrative fee.  After the registration deadline, no refunds will be given.If the event is cancelled due to any circumstances out of USYF control, a full refund will be sent minus $25 administration fee.

 I, the above named Registrant, in consideration of accepting the Registrant for their Futsal programs and activities (collectively the “Programs”) and recognizing the risk of potentially significant physical injury occurring by participation in the Programs, including permanent disability or death,  do knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, and assume full responsibility for the  participation in the Programs. Further, I, and on behalf of any respective heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, do hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless United States Youth Futsal , its affiliated organizations and sponsors, and each of their employees, volunteers, agents, other participants, hosts, sponsors, advertisers, and the owners of the premises upon which the Programs are held (collectively, the "Releases"), with respect to any and all injury, disability, death, or loss or damage to person or property incident to Registrants participation in the Programs, and/or being transported to or from the same, which transportation I hereby authorize, and whether arising from the negligence of the Releases or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law. I hereby warrant and represent that the Registrant has received a physical examination by a physician and has been found physically capable of participating in the Programs with no reservations or restrictions. I do hereby consent to have a doctor of medicine or dentistry, a licensed nurse or emergency technician provide Registrant with medical assistance and/or treatment and agree to be financially responsible for the cost of such assistance and/or treatment. I HAVE READ THIS RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT, FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS, UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING IT, AND SIGN IT FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY
I, hereby grant to US Youth Futsal and its member clubs and organizations, the right and permission, free from approval, review or cost, to photograph, record or otherwise capture the Registrants likeness in participating in the Programs for use in media, now or hereafter known, including, but not limited to pictures and video, to copyright the same in its own name, and which may be included in whole or in part for commercial or promotional use.

Release, Waiver and Covenant Not To Sue.  For purposes of this Agreement, (i) the term “Released Parties” shall mean USYF and any USYF affiliate and each of their officers, directors, managers, members, employees, agents, contractors, sub-contractors, representatives, successors, assigns, licensees and affiliates, and (ii) the term “Claims” shall mean any and all liability, lawsuits, causes of action and claims for damages, costs or expenses, whether past, present or future, and whether known or unknown. 


Participant, on their own behalf, and on behalf of their Related Persons, hereby knowingly, voluntarily and irrevocably and forever release, waive and discharge (and covenant not to sue), each and all of the Released Parties from (or with respect to), all Claims, including, but not limited to, Claims arising out of or in connection with my death, personal injury, illness, disability, suffering of short-term or long-term health effects, or loss of or damage to property, which Parent, Participant and any Related Persons may have or hereafter accrue against any of the Released Parties as a result of or that relate in any way to (i) Participant’s exposure to COVID-19; (ii) Participant’s participation in activities at or related to USYF and any USYF affiliates; (iii) Participant’s travel to or presence at a USYF or USYF affiliate event, or at any location to which he/she may travel in connection with USYF activities; or (iv) any of the risks identified above in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Agreement.  Parent and Participant understand that this release, waiver and covenant not to sue includes any Claims based on the negligence, action or inaction of any of the Released Parties and covers Claims of any sort, whether suffered before, during or after Participant’s participation in any USYF or USYF affiliate event.

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You may cancel your registration before the June 1st, 2024 and receive a refund of your fees minus a $45 administrative fee.  After the registration deadline, no refunds will be given.

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