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2024 Atlantic Regional Championships - Manheim, PA


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I understand that in addition to the tournament team fees, each player must register with United States Youth Futsal (USYF).  The $13.50 per player fee and player releases are completed and paid online by the player/parent/guardian (P/P/G).  Players will not be eligible to participate unless payment is received and release authorized.  Outdoor player registrations issued from US Club, AYSO, USYSA, State Associations. etc. are not valid for registration with USYF.

For players not registered with USYF for current year (8/1/2023 - 7/31/24), player registration forms will be automatically sent to the P/P/G when the manager enters players into the rosters.  For player already registered with USYF in current year, no forms will be sent.

Background Checks for all coaches and managers - All coaches and managers must pass a background check by the USYF provider.  It is $10 per coach at cost of the coach.  Previously completed back ground checks from other providers will not be accepted.  For the link to the background check website, refer to the Confirmation email that will be sent to you after you complete registration.

This tournament is age-verified.  At team check in, you must present the outdoor player card for each player.  For clarification, see Tournament Rules, Player Eligibility, on the local website of the tournament host.






Due to the scheduling constraints already existing, you can not request an entire day to not play.  You may need to play two games on Saturday and one on Sunday, perhaps two in some divisions.  If you make the finals, those games can start anywhere from noon to 8pm.  Scheduling conflicts should only be requested in a case of absolute necessity. In those cases, be very specific as to when you cannot play (exact time), but you should first check with tournament director.  Some games could be as late as 9pm on Sunday.  All Finals are played on Sunday.


FOR RETURNING TEAM MANAGERS - If you previously registered a team with HTGSports (this year or any previous years) and would like to have access to the same players you previously had on a roster, you must use the same email address for the team manager that was used when the old roster was created. (players follow the manager’s email). The email is entered in the Manager Information box below,

In that situation, your User ID and password is the same as last time you accessed the system


CRITICAL NOTICE- When inputting players into your team rosters, double-check the name of the player and the date of birth (DOB) to confirm they are input correctly or the USYF registration will not be valid.  Also, if you have players on your roster who already registered in the current year (8/1/2021– 7/31/2022) and paid the USYF player registration fee, to avoid the player from having to pay again, you must enter the player information above exactly as it was input the first time the player was registered for the current year.  Changing the player name or DOB from the previous current registration will cause the system to recognize the player as a new player and will charge the fee again.


The USYF Regionals are Stay to Play events

All out of town teams must arrange hotel booking through the official hotel booking company. Staying with family or in tents, etc., does not excuse teams from the policy - No exceptions.  They have negotiated group rates and other amenities to make your stay comfortable and cost effective with hotels close to the tournament venue site.



Note: If you have previously registered a team with HTGSports and would like to have access to the same players you had on your roster previously you must use the same email address for the team manager that you have used before.
 1 of the 3 phone numbers below must be filled in
 1 of the 3 phone numbers below must be filled in

 Refund Policy

Thank you for registering for the 2024 USYF Atlantic Regional Championship  You may cancel your registration before the registration deadline and receive a refund of your fees minus a $150 administrative fee.  After deadline, no refunds will be given.

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