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Great Plains Futsal League 2022/23


Required  Price: $475.00
Description: Local 8 game season (Nov - Feb)
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Note: You are required to enter all your roster details with a contact e-mail for each player. Our waiver is activated by the parent/guardian of each participant.
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I understand that in addition to the league fees, each player must register with United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA)  The $7.00 per player fee and player releases will be due prior to the first game of the season. Players will not be eligible to participate unless payment is received and released authorized.  Outdoor player registrations issued from US Club, AYSO, USYSA, State Associations. etc. are not valid for registration with Great Plains Futsal League.

USSSA outdoor registered teams will only be due $3.50 per player for the Great Plains Futsal League.

Once the event begins, there are no refunds of the player registration fee.

I accept that all team fees will be paid by the required date and if not done so, can result in removal from the league.

Great Plains Futsal monitors all weather conditions and will make announcements on any possibility or cancelation of games due to weather conditions. Every effort will be made to reschedule any game(s) canceled due to weather, but due to limited ability in accessing more court time, Great Plains Futsal may not be able to reschedule all games.


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Note: If you have previously registered a team with HTGSports and would like to have access to the same players you had on your roster previously you must use the same email address for the team manager that you have used before.
 1 of the 3 phone numbers below must be filled in
 1 of the 3 phone numbers below must be filled in

 Refund Policy

Thank you for registering for the Great Plains Futsal League. After the registration deadline (October 7th), no refunds will be given.

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