Fort Wayne Futsal Cup

Fort Wayne Futsal Cup Jan 7-8, 2022


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I understand that in addition to the league fees, each player must register with United States Youth Futsal (USYF).  The $13.50per player fee and player releases are completed and paid online by the player/parent/guardian (P/P/G).  Players will not be eligible to participate unless payment is received and released authorized.  Outdoor player registrations issued from US Club, AYSO, USYSA, State Associations. etc. are not valid for registration with USYF.

Once the event begins, there are no refunds of the USYF fees.

Player registration forms will be automatically sent to the P/P/G when the manager enters players into the rosters.


U.S. Youth Futsal (USYF) mandates background checks for all registered coaches and team managers as part of the organization's focus on player safety.  Even if a recent background check has been completed with different soccer organization, another one must be completed with the USYF provider.  The cost of the background check is $10.  The USYF Background Check Registration link will be included on the registration confirmation email.


This Code of Conduct is a written contract between the parents, players and coaches to abide by the rules and regulations of the game, as well as, maintain a cooperative attitude and to uphold the ideals of fair play and sportmanship. I will:
*Encourage fair play.
*Cheer in a positive manner for all players/peers, regardless of which team they represent.
*Not criticize the performance of any player, teammate, opponent, coach or official.
*Not criticize any opponent's players, teammates, spectators or coaches.
*Not embarrass my own player, team or teammate by my behavior.
*Allow the coaches to do the coaching and coaches will conduct themselves in a model way. 
*Show respect for the game officials by not criticizing them or undermining their authority in the eyes of any player or spectator.
*Display good sportsmanship as a positive example for my player, teammate, son or daughter.
*I further understand that I not only represent myself, but also my players, the team, our club, and our community and the game of soccer/futsal and will conduct myself accordingly.
*Indiana Futsal Academies will not tolerate conduct, which is detrimental to the sport, the participant or the community. Such conduct includes: vulgarity by coaches, player or parents; harrassment or belittling of officials, coaches or players; physical violence or the threat of physical violence towards anyone before, during or after a match; verbal abuse directed toward anyone before, during and after a match or the taunting of opposing players, coaches and parents. 
*I understand that my behavior on the fields and at hotels, motels, restaurants and airports should be such that it does not discredit, dishonor or create a negative impression of the United States Youth Futsal, Indiana Futsal Academies or the Fort Wayne Community.
*I understand that discussion and/or recruitment of any player for another club is a strict violation and is subject to direct suspension and/or expulsion from any and all Indiana Futsal Academies events.
*I understand that the Coach, the other parents/guardians of the team and the Indiana Futsal Academies will hold me accountable for my actions and behaviors.
*I understand that violations of the Code of Conduct listed above may be brought before the Indiana Futsal Academies Disciplinary Board of Review. This review could result in sanctions. Depending on the violation, this may include: suspension, ban and/or expulsion or another form of discipline against players, parents or coaches. All decisions and sanctions imposed by the Board of Review will be final.  


Note: If you have previously registered a team with HTGSports and would like to have access to the same players you had on your roster previously you must use the same email address for the team manager that you have used before.
 1 of the 3 phone numbers below must be filled in
 1 of the 3 phone numbers below must be filled in

 Refund Policy

Thank you for registering for the Fort Wayne Futsal Cup.  You may cancel your registration before the registration deadline and receive a refund of your fees minus a $25 administrative fee.  After the registration deadline, no refunds will be given.

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